Firstly, thank you for visiting the online shop. We have created and provided a selection of products to inspire and provoke trends... and we do hope that we have managed at-least one, or all, with yourself.

The products you purchase from this store are quality checked and/or from verified suppliers for your peace of mind.

Because we believe in fair working conditions, our products creators are carefully selected to make sure that they are quality orientated, working fairly with their various stakeholders, and that the products you purchase from this store are delivered to you at, at-least, applaudable standards. With this, we ask that you consider the turn-around and shipping of some items you purchase which are made in the USA, or any mentioned locations. These deliveries might, sometimes, take up-to 10 working days to get to you; but rest assured that you would be participating in a quality and fair trading protocol, for your genuine purchases.

Re products that are adorned with African national flags, these are sold solely to fund the AFRICAN.WORLD vision. AFRICAN.WORLD is set up to promote African creators' works and services that benefit Africa, along with Africans, worldwide. Because this is a startup, and is self funded to-date, the creators have invested all they can to create positive promotional platforms, with a simple vision of representing Africa, to a worldwide audience.

ROAXI Group is an open shop platform, which means that we are happy to host your products, services or works... to enquire, please email enquiries@hsoni.uk